5 Golden Rules for a Customer Friendly Promo

5 Golden Rules for a Customer Friendly Promo

1. Simplify the opt-in:
         Make it intuitively easy for customers to join the promotion. 

2. Highlight the customer benefit:
        It is okay to add some shimmer and sparkle but ensure you clearly spell out what’s in it for the customer.
3. Collect the minimum personal details:
       I know this is your chance to get to know your customer better but honestly do you need the physical address, age and title?! If you will not use the data to improve the customer experience and value given then save time and focus on how to stay in touch.

4. Present short T&C:
       Terms and conditions are there to protect you and your customers so try to keep them clear and brief so customers can quickly read and accept them; trusting you in the process.

5. Straightforward opt-out:
       We all hate to see our customers leave but not giving them the option is not the answer. Consider a one click opt-out with a single exit question or a reminder of how easy is it to opt-in again anytime. Have you recently been surprised by how easy a promotion was? Did you lately encounter an annoying experience that was not worth your time? Please share your experience in the comments below.


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