iMakaseb Raises the Bar in the Fight of Counterfeited Products Using Digital Channels

iMakaseb Raises the Bar in the Fight of Counterfeited Products Using Digital Channels
One major problem that is facing many brands around the world in this digital age is the flooding of the marketplace with counterfeited products. Often, fake products are usually sold at cheap prices in large quantities at flea markets or shops. Counterfeited products not only soil brand reputation but also impact brand revenue negatively.
The sales of counterfeited products do a lot of damage to the sales of the genuine brand owners and these usually go just beyond revenues and profits. Many types of research have suggested that the sales of counterfeit and piracy trade are means of supporting terrorism, organized crime and other threats to human rights and well-being. The rapid growth that digital era ushered in — along with instant global reach and anonymity — has significantly escalated the issue of counterfeited products in recent times.
Dealing with counterfeited products amounts to stealing of intellectual property, which plays an indispensable role in growing the business of many brands around the world, in addition to the fact that counterfeited products expose consumers to dangerous and unhealthy products.
iMakaseb has been raising the bar in the fight against products counterfeiting in the market and society through a continuous stream of innovative, competitive products and services to curb the influx and flooding of the marketplace with counterfeited products.
The unique iMakaseb service is designed to help customers check if the branded Product sold in the local market is genuine or not. Customers send a secured and encrypted Pin or QR Code printed on the Product package to an SMS short code or via a mobile application and get an automated instant response if the product is genuine or fake.
iMakaseb has leveraged different flexible digital channels to engage with customers of some brands, helping the product manufacturers to prevent counterfeit using analytics and intelligent alerts. Through this service, iMakaseb has been able to enhance customer service, customer loyalty and happiness, reduce the influx of counterfeited products in the marketplace with an increase in consumer insights.
iMakaseb's fight of counterfeited products in the marketplace is highly effective. It has helped in marketing and retail auditing, checking locations of the counterfeited products sold and positive impacts on sales and brand product reputation. Customers are upgrading the service with iMakaseb quarterly to gain the benefit of new features.
Analytics and predictions are leveraged to Make Better Business Decisions and Strategic Moves. iMakaseb service helps to access appropriate business data, act on what is really important; stay up-to-date with what’s going in your business. It delivers best practices in combating counterfeited products in the marketplace.
iMakaseb specialized in omni-channel consumer engagement channels for physical products sold in retail and supermarkets. As industry leaders for over 6 years, this company was built to coordinate and orchestrate your marketing campaigns. The platform provides a flexible way to manage your relationships across the entire customer life-cycle. The solutions give you a 360° view of customer data, allowing you to plan and deliver personalized and real-time marketing communications resulting in greater marketing effectiveness.  
iMakaseb's platform delivers the following powerful tools: 
  • 360° management of customer data 
  • Omni-channel campaign management, like SMS, Mobile Application, QR Code, POS integration, Chatbots, Social Network Applications.
  • Statistical and behavioral analysis with real-time data. 

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